June 2, 2022


Some 40 entities work together at the Guiana Space Centre to make rocket launches possible. Each has a specific role in the operation of the GSC, from the construction and funding of launch facilities to lift-off.


Logo ESA

European Space Agency (ESA)

L’Agence spatiale européenne est responsable des programmes de développement Ariane, Vega et Soyouz au CSG. Propriétaire de la plupart des installations, l’ESA contribue au financement du CSG depuis 1975.


Centre national d'études spatiales (CNES, the french space agency)

At the GSC, CNES is responsible for the overall coordination of the launch base, the reception of satellites, launcher tracking systems and the protection of people, property and the environment.

Logo Arianespace


As launch operator, Arianespace operates the launch complexes to deploy its range of Ariane and Vega launchers. Its mission starts with the signing of the launch contract and continues until the satellite has been put into orbit.

Logo Arianegroup


ArianeGroup produces the Ariane 5 launcher and is involved in the development of Ariane 6.



At the GSC, the Italian company Avio coordinates the preparation of Vega and Vega-C launchers.



The role of manufacturers, in charge of the plants which produce fluids and fuels for the launchers, is crucial for the smooth running of each launch.

Entreprises partenaires CNES


CNES, ArianeGroup, Arianespace and Avio work with a network of companies located at the GSC.