February 27, 2023


The operator Arianespace markets launch services worldwide with the Ariane, Vega and Vega-C launchers.

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Founded in 1980, Arianespace was born of the desire to unite European forces to conquer the commercial market for space transportation services and solutions, while guaranteeing Europe’s sovereign access to space. The company currently has 16 shareholders representing the entire European launcher industry, including ArianeGroup (74 %).


Using space for a better life on earth

Arianespace’s mission is to provide satellite operators around the world with a service offering and space transportation solutions for all types of satellites to all orbits, with its range of launchers, including Ariane 5, Vega, Vega-C, and future launcher Ariane 6.

This mission starts with the signing of the launch contract and continues until the satellite has been put into orbit, with Arianespace acting as the launch team leader in relation to its customers, namely, commercial and institutional satellite operators.

Arianespace, launch operator

As launch operator, Arianespace is the prime contractor for the operation of the Ariane, Vega and Vega-C launchers at the GSC.

Arianespace thus supervises the integration and monitoring phase of each launcher, which is carried out under the responsibility of its various industrial prime contractors, namely ArianeGroup for Ariane and Avio for Vega.

Arianespace also coordinates the preparation of satellites in the payload preparation complexes operated by CNES/GSC, as well as their integration on the launcher.
Finally, Arianespace, with the support of the teams responsible for each launcher, conducts the final countdown and launch operations from the various launch centres.

Arianespace in figures

•  Since the creation of Arianespace, more than 650 launch service contracts have been signed.
•    Arianespace has launched more than 1150 satellites with its range of Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launchers.
•    More than 50 % of the world's commercial satellites currently in service have been launched by Arianespace.

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