February 27, 2023

Technical centre

Located at the entrance to the Guiana Space Centre, close to the Ariane 5 mock-up, the Technical Centre is a nerve centre of Europe’s spaceport, where about half of the GSC employees work. From administration and logistics to launch operations, the Technical Centre is the site of multiple activities that are essential to the operation of the space base.

An administrative area...

Since the creation of the GSC, the Technical Centre has housed CNES’ central departments in more than ten buildings: management, safety, administration and asset management. From the Technical Centre, CNES coordinates satellite and launch base preparation operations, as well as GSC maintenance operations.

...and an operational area

The Technical Centre also houses numerous technical facilities which are necessary to perform the launch activities: Jupiter II control centre, flight and ground safety, safety command post, and telecommunications. During launch operations, all of these facilities are activated to ensure a safe lift-off.

A satellite preparation zone

In the Technical Centre, the S1 building receives satellites to prepare them for launch on board Ariane 5, Vega or Vega-C. Like the other satellite preparation complexes at the GSC, it has its own cleanrooms in which pre-launch tests are carried out. The oldest satellite reception zone at the GSC, the S1 underwent a complete overhaul in 2012 to ensure that future space passengers are welcomed in optimal conditions. More about Payload preparation complexes (EPCU)

Logistics... and more !

The Technical Centre also houses a zone which brings together several transverse services, mainly logistics: transport and a garage, a service station and the general warehouse supplying equipment to the centre’s various activities.

But this zone is also home to one of the four Paris Fire Brigade barracks at the GSC. The firefighters ensure the safety of industrial operations, provide training in fire prevention and are ready for any first emergency response.

Transfert de satellite au centre technique
Transfer of satellite to the Technical Centre

Virtual tour of the Technical Centre, view of the Venus Tower: http://static.zooomez.fr/medias/csg/venus/