June 6, 2022

Stratégic issues

The Guiana Space Centre, cornerstone of the European space policy, is a strategic site for international collaboration. From it, satellites of operators from all over the world are launched for space applications essential for everyday life.

Drapeaux des pays membres de l'ESA

Europe's spaceport

The success of the Guiana Space Centre is based on the close co-operation between the various industrial players working on the site. The European Space Agency plays a major role in this.

Equipe GSAT au CSG

International issues

Numerous international cooperation initiatives with institutions and organisations from all over the world are implemented at the GSC.


Satellite applications

Satellites of all shapes and sizes launched from the GSC perform tasks useful for everyday life on Earth.


A base in French Guiana

Beyond its operational missions, the Guiana Space Centre plays a key role in its host region. A major player in the Guyanese economy, it is also involved in local development and in the promotion of education and tourism.